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Outsourcing Deposition Summaries - Litigation Support Services

Deposition summary services
Outsourcing deposition summaries

Outsourcing Deposition Summaries

A Deposition Summary is an objective, clerical summary of the key points of a deposition transcript. The summary conducts the deposition's key topics by page and line.

Outsourcing deposition summaries is the process of hiring a third-party company to summarize the key points of a deposition transcript. This can be a helpful option for law firms and other legal professionals who do not have the time or resources to summarize depositions in-house.

The team’s expertise covers areas including but not limited to preparing the following,

  • Page-Line Summaries

  • Topic Based Summaries

  • Chronological Summaries

There are many benefits to outsourcing deposition summaries, including:

Saves time: Outsourcing deposition summaries can save law firms and other legal professionals a significant amount of time. This is because the third-party company will have the resources and expertise to summarize depositions quickly and efficiently.

Improves accuracy: Third-party companies that specialize in deposition summary services have the experience and training to ensure that the summaries are accurate and objective. This can be especially important in cases where the deposition testimony is complex or lengthy.

Reduces costs: Outsourcing deposition summaries can also help to reduce costs. This is because the third-party company will typically charge a lower rate than a law firm would charge for in-house summary services.

If you are considering outsourcing deposition summaries, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Choose a reputable company: When choosing a company to outsource your deposition summaries to, it is important to choose a reputable company with a good track record. You should also make sure that the company is familiar with the legal industry and the specific requirements of deposition summaries.

  • Get quotes from multiple companies: It is a good idea to get quotes from multiple companies before making a decision. This will help you to ensure that you are getting the best possible price for the services.

  • Set clear expectations: It is important to set clear expectations with the company that you outsource your deposition summaries to. This includes the scope of work, the turnaround time, and the level of accuracy that you require.

By following these tips, you can ensure that you are outsourcing your deposition summaries to a reputable company that will provide you with high-quality services.

Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing a company to outsource your deposition summaries:

  • Experience: The company should have experience in summarizing deposition transcripts.

  • Accuracy: The company should have a good track record of accuracy.

  • Turnaround time: The company should be able to provide you with the summaries within a reasonable turnaround time.

  • Price: The price should be competitive.

  • Customer service: The company should have good customer service.

Why Outsource to a Professional Deposition Summarizer?

Deposition testimony can yield priceless details that you can use to advocate for your client's interests. However, reading through lengthy, complex testimony can be tedious and time-consuming.

Utilizing deposition summaries created by a reputable deposition summary company will give you a synopsis of each deposition's key topics. As you develop your argument, this can help you more effectively organize your time. The best legal task to outsource is deposition summary work because it can be the most time-consuming and laborious.

Salient Features of our Deposition Summaries

Important details from the deposition are listed in the summary by page and line. The purpose of deposition summaries, which are digests of the testimony given, is not to serve as a substitute for reading the actual transcript.

  • Topic-by-Topic and Page-Line summaries

  • Comprehensive summaries

  • Customized and tailored formats

  • Cost-effective

  • Highly experienced and qualified medical professionals

We provide the highest calibre work because we are the best deposition summary service firm.

To draft a deposition summary, you will need to:

  • Read the entire deposition transcript.

  • Identify the key points of the testimony.

  • Summarize the key points in a clear and concise manner.

  • Organize the summary in a logical way.

  • Proofread the summary carefully.


Deposition summary is a crucial part of a trial, and a relevant and accurate summary of the deposition transcript can change the course of the trial in favor of your case. A perfect deposition summary helps in preparing for the trials in a better manner.

Reviewing, highlighting, and summarizing deposition transcripts can be very time-consuming. Let Medico Legal Request LLC prepare deposition transcript summaries and save all the review time.

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