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Medical Billing Summary

Cost Effective and Customized Medical Record Review Services for Legal and Healthcare Industries

Medical Billing Summary Services at $25/hr

All of the medical bills/expenses are listed in chronological order in our billing summary, and the costs are tracked on a separate excel sheet that includes information on the date of the treatment, the services provided, and the costs incurred. The costs incurred by the patient for each service supplied by each healthcare professional are also recorded.

We follow various templates for billing summary services depending upon the attorney, law firm and insurance company formats.

sample billing summary

*Request Free Quote:  Upload your clients' medical records and get a free cost estimate and delivery date. Don’t worry about the quote because we will start the production process once getting approval from your end. 

Attorneys may ignore certain medical bills when evaluating a large number of them, or they may not be skilled at analyzing the bills. As a result, the sum determined by the attorney may be incorrect and too low when used to compute the amount of the bills and the medical special damages that may be demanded from the defendant or the defendant's insurance carrier. Our Medical Billing Summaries are helpful for Insurance firms and attorneys to seek larger recoveries for their Personal Injury clients.

Why choose us for your firm's billing summary services?

  • All the related medical expenses are listed in our billing summary

  • Customized billing summary templates

  • Just $25/hr for medical expenses summaries

  • Final documents are available in word/excel/pdf format

  • One week turnaround time

  • Free cost estimate

Contact us today at +1 (903) 765-6073 or email us at for more information about our Medical Billing Summary Services.


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