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Medical Narrative Summary

Cost Effective and Customized Medical Record Review Services for Legal and Healthcare Industries

Narrative Summary Services at $25/hr

Narrative Summary is an account of the flow of events in a patient's medical history. Medical narrative summary services assist healthcare professionals, insurance companies, and legal professionals in understanding complex medical information and making informed decisions. They help streamline the process of reviewing medical records, saving time, ensuring that important details are not overlooked and putting together a deposition, demand letter, or legal case to establish liability, causation, and damages.

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Our narrative summaries briefly summarize and highlight all of the significant incidents that shape a case's trajectory, including diagnostic procedures, office visits and consultations, treatment sessions, and other essential medical data in chronological sequence. The focus of our medical narrative summaries targets all the injuries sustained due to the current accident and the pre-existing injuries or medical conditions that were exacerbated due to the current accident. It shall be briefly noted how the case's pre-existing conditions connect to it.

The main advantage of the medical record summary is that it transforms a large amount of information into a more organized manner, making extracting information easier. Our medical summaries play a crucial role in various contexts across the medical, legal, and insurance fields. We tailor our summary to your case's requirements as part of our extensive variety of services.

Our medical case summary provides a clear, conscious overview of the entire medical record. Comprehensive in analysis yet concise in delivery. A good medical case summary has all the information that is necessary, such as a medications and details of the patient's past and current diseases. It is important because it can be used in analyzing medical data to be recorded at various facilities. 

Why choose us for your firm's narrative summary report services?

  • Easy to understand and concise

  • Medical events in chronological order

  • Summary in story telling format

  • Suitable for pre-deposition and demand letter preparation

  • Highlight the important medical events 

  • Just $25/hr for narrative summary services

  • Narrative summaries are available in PDF & Word formats

  • 1 Week turnaround time

  • Free Cost Estimate

  • Free Hyperlinks

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