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Medical Record Review Services

Medical Record Review Services for Paralegal, Lawyers, Legal Firms, Insurance and Healthcare Industries.

Our Services

Cost-effective and Customized solutions based on the law firm/healthcare request. 

Medical Chronology

Narrative Summary

Settlement Demand Letter

Medical Billing Summary

Deposition Summary

Expert Medical Opinion

Reviewing medical record create headaches? Outsource and relax...

Let our MDs handle your medical records. They prepare medical summaries, settlement demand letters and other medical chart review services with your firm’s template at affordable prices.

Medical Record Review/Medical Chart Review Services

Medical chart reviews are typically conducted by healthcare professionals who are trained to understand medical terminology, protocols, and regulations. They require a keen eye for detail and a commitment to upholding the standards of care and patient confidentiality. The results of these reviews can have significant implications for patient care, legal cases, insurance claims, and the overall quality of healthcare services.

Medical chart reviews are a major step in the lifecycle of a personal injury, medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, and nursing home abuse lawsuit. These electronic health records and paper chart reviews help determine the legitimacy of the claim and the extent of the injury or illness.

Our Medical Record Review Service offers precise medical record analysis, merit-based case evaluation, case strategy development, strength and weakness analysis, and trial or deposition preparation for lawyers.

medical chart review
Why choose us

Why Choose Us?

  • Medical record review services starts at $25/hr.

  • Important points are highlighted in different color.

  • Detailed flow of events/injury report will be presented.

  • Case causation, disability & noteworthy points will be described.

  • Customized reports will be provided.

  • Every medical event is hyperlinked for easy navigations.

  • Free cost estimate.

  • 1 Week turnaround time (No expedite fee for rush requests).

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Contact us when you have need of a medical-legal nurse consultant for Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Nursing Home Negligence, Workers Compensation, Mass Tort  or any other case where the medical and legal worlds meet.

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