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Mass Tort Medical Record Review Services

Are you a lawyer who works on mass tort cases? Join us. We cut your workload in half.

Mass Tort Medical Record Review Services

The medical record review in a mass tort case involves scrutinizing the medical histories, treatments, diagnoses, and outcomes of the affected individuals. A mass tort refers to civil actions involving numerous plaintiffs against one or more defendants. These cases typically involve injuries caused by a defective product, pharmaceutical drug, environmental disaster, or other widespread incidents.

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Collecting and reviewing medical records are very important, when building a mass tort case. At Medico Legal Request LLC, we understand the critical role medical records play in mass tort litigation. Our expert team is dedicated to providing comprehensive and meticulous medical record review services that attorneys and law firms rely on for successful case outcomes.

Why Outsource Medical Record Review in Mass Tort Claims

  • Services from an expert team of reviewers

  • Helps to Evaluate the Merit of Each Claim             

  • Identifies Important Information

  • Assists In Defining the Scope of the Case

  • Improves Settlement Negotiations

  • Saves Time and Money

Medical records summaries can play a critical role in mass tort litigation by providing attorneys with a comprehensive understanding of a plaintiff’s medical history and identifying key issues that may be relevant to the case.

Who benefits from our mass tort medical record review services?


Law Firm

Insurance Companies

Independent Paralegal

Independent Medical Examiners

Healthcare Firms

Medical & Legal Consultants

What do we present in our mass tort case reviews?

Mass Tort Case Chronology: In our expert medical chronology, we provide a detailed summary of all case-specific events presented in chronological order with devices/drugs use and subsequent injuries highlighted in-line. The chronology showcases all crucial information, such as the date of drug usage/medical device implant, treatment provided, date of diagnosis of injury, and further complications following injury.

Mass Tort Case Screening: We give you an unbiased overview of all the critical factors. Our mass tort case screening spreadsheets help you to make the right decision about accepting or rejecting a case.

Your mass tort settlement process is strengthened by expert medical record summaries and case reviews. Our experts can successfully assist you with mass tort settlements since they have experience working with current mass tort cases such as the 3M settlement, Zantac, and Hair relaxer lawsuits. Are you are a lawyer who works on mass tort cases? Contact us.

As a mass tort medical record review services company, we provide medical chronologies, summaries, mass tort case screening sheets, and other medico-legal chart reviews & reports at affordable price to suit your needs.

If you have any specific sample for your firm, share it with us. Our team makes your work simple!

For more information about our mass tort medical record review services, Contact us at or call +1 (903) 765-6073.

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