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Cost Effective Medical Record Review Services for Legal and Insurance Sector.

Experts Medical Record Review and Analysis USA

We have a team of experts who provide medical record review and summary services for personal injury, medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, nursing home abuse, mass tort, and other medico-legal cases. Medico Legal Request LLC’s vision is to provide an innovative, cost-effective, and more accurate review service with due diligence.


Personal Injury

Personal Injury – Medical Record Review

In personal Injury Cases, we ensure to summarize all the significant medical and legal points that will assist in guiding you to take decisions based on the medical issues of the cases. Our medical record reviewing services are comprehensive and cover all aspects of the claim.

A precise medical record review report reveals medical evidence that would shoulder the arguments of the personal injury lawyer/attorney in the court. Our team of experts review and analyze medical records for the following types of Personal Injury cases: 

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents

  • Pedestrian Accidents

  • Premises Liability

  • Slip and Fall

  • Trip and Fall

  • Railroad Injuries

  • Workplace Injuries

  • Gunshot Injury and so on…

  • Dog Bite

  • Head And Spinal Injuries

  • Musculoskeletal Injuries

  • Burn Injuries

  • Toxic Exposure

  • Burn Injury

  • Food Poisoning

Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice – Medical Record Review

Medical malpractice medical record review is a comprehensive examination of a patient's medical records to determine whether medical negligence or malpractice occurred. Each case is initially reviewed before being assigned to the appropriate specialty doctors. After carefully reviewing the case, our team evaluates its advantages and disadvantages and outlines all the important elements.

  • Anesthesia Errors

  • Childbirth Injuries

  • Delayed Diagnosis

  • Diagnostic Errors

  • Nursing Home

  • Emergency Room Negligence

  • Medication Dosage Errors & Side Effects

  • Misdiagnosis

  • Pressure Ulcer

  • Surgical Negligence

  • Treatment Errors

  • Wrongful Death

  • Childbirth Injuries.


Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse – Medical Record Review

We at Medico Legal Request LLC handled more than thousands of nursing home cases involving pressure ulcers/Bed sores, fall injuries, aspirations, etc. Medical record review and analysis are an important way to demonstrate nursing home abuse or negligence cases.

Types of Nursing Home Abuse:

  • Physical abuse

  • Financial abuse

  • Sexual assault

  • Emotional abuse

  • Self-neglect

  • Abandonment

  • Neglect of a resident’s basic needs.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers Compensation – Medical Record Review

Medical record review is a fundamental process in workers' compensation claims. It involves a detailed examination of an injured worker's medical history and treatment records to assess the extent of their injuries, their connection to a workplace incident, and the appropriate compensation and benefits they are entitled to.

  • Disease or injury caused due to workplace exposure

  • Injury caused by accident due to work

  • Disease of injury aggravated due to work

  • Partial or permanent disability due to injury


Mass Tort

Mass Tort – Medical Record Review

We at Medico Legal Request LLC have a separate dedicated team to handle mass tort cases even in large numbers of cases. Depending on the kind of drug/device and the degree of harm, we modify the case summary template. Our team quickly screens the cases that are given to us and compiles all the pertinent information so that we may quickly review the case.

  • Abilify

  • Actos

  • Bair Hugger

  • Benicar

  • Crestor

  • Eliquis

  • Essure

  • Fluoroquinolones

  • Granuflo

  • Hernia Mesh

  • Invokana

  • IVC Filter

  • Januvia

  • Lexapro

  • Lipitor

  • Mirena

  • Morcellator

  • Nexium

  • Onglyza

  • Opioids

  • Paxil

  • Plavix

  • Propecia

  • Prozac

  • Reglan

  • Risperdal

  • Round Up Weed

  • 3M Settlement

  • Stockert 3T Heater-Cooler Systems

  • Stryker-Hip Implant

  • Talcum

  • Taxotere

  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy

  • TVM

  • Viagra

  • Victoza

  • Xarelto

  • Yaz

  • Zimmer Knee-Hip

  • Zofran

  • Zoloft

Product Liability

Product Liability – Medical Record Review

Medical record review plays a crucial role in product liability cases, especially when the allegedly defective product has caused harm or injury to a consumer. Our team ensures to summarize all the significant points to substantiate that the damages was incurred as a result of the defective product. We ensure to include all the intricate details to justify the damages incurred and prove the case.

  • The defect caused harm or injury to the plaintiff.

  • The defect existed when the product left the control of the manufacturer or other responsible party.

  • The plaintiff was using the product as intended or in a reasonably foreseeable manner.

  • The product was defective in some way (design, manufacturing, or marketing).


BP Oil Spill

BP Oil Spill – Medical Record Review

Medico Legal Request LLC have a group of skilled individuals who can examine the oil spill records and find any pertinent data that can bolster our client's claims. Medical records are evaluated in light of the consequences of the oil spill on the affected people and their immediate surroundings, as well as the later effects on other organs that led to the effect at a later stage. The attorneys would find it beneficial to edit the records in accordance with our specifications in order to locate the greatest claim for the client.

The goal of a medical records review in the context of the BP oil spill would be to determine whether there is credible evidence linking exposure to the spill to specific health issues.

Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims – Medical Record Review

Accurate review of medical records is important for insurance companies to help them ensure a fair claim settlement . We offer our services to insurance companies to help them handle a huge volume of cases in quick turnaround time and reducing errors in claims, faster payments to suffered clients and optimization of revenue. 

Medical record review is crucial for insurance companies because it provides them with the necessary information to determine the amount of the claim that they are responsible for paying. Insurance companies are often required to pay for medical costs/expenses related to an insured’s injury or illness.


Custom Reports and Analysis

We also provide custom review reports for medical/product analysis and other documentation support services with your specific format.

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