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Deposition Summary Services

Concise, accurate, and reliable summaries of deposition transcripts for Independent paralegals and Attorneys.

Deposition Summary Outsourcing at $25/hr

A deposition summary is a concise overview of the key points discussed during a deposition, which is a sworn testimony given by a witness or a party to a legal proceeding. It plays an important role throughout the litigation process.

We at Medico Legal Request LLC provide concise, accurate, and reliable summaries of deposition transcripts to independent paralegals, attorneys, and law firms to help them prepare for the trials better without the burden of summarizing the entire deposition all by themselves.

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*Request Free Quote:  Upload your clients' medical records and get a free cost estimate and delivery date. Don’t worry about the quote because we will start the production process once getting approval from your end. 

Deposition summaries are a necessary component of litigation services because they reduce the strain on litigators of having to wade through the enormous volume of deposition pages. When you outsource deposition summary services, you save much of your time that can be utilized for other important case-related tasks that require your attention.

Deposition summaries can be prepared in different formats like page-line summary, chronological summary, and topic-by-topic deposition summary. Hundreds of pages of deposition transcripts are common, and our clients use our expertise to assist them understand this vast amount of information. By creating deposition transcripts and summarizing the crucial portions of deposition testimony, we help our clients and reduce the burden on law firms and internal legal departments.

Don’t waste time wading through pages of information! Medico Legal Request LLC offers concise summaries that pull out the important facts for you to clearly understand and easily reference. Every deposition summary is finished by an experienced medical or legal professional. Outsourcing deposition summaries helps you to focus more on your core business. 

Why choose us for your firm's deposition summary services?

  • Customized deposition summary templates

  • Concise, accurate and reliable summaries of deposition transcripts

  • Analysis of key issues

  • Fact-gathering

  • Accurate listing and identification of exhibits

  • Highly experienced and qualified teams 

  • Just $25/hr for depo summary services

  • Deposition summaries are available in PDF & Word formats

  • 1 Week turnaround time

  • Free Cost Estimate

Do you need to quickly and accurately digest lengthy deposition transcripts?

Contact us today at +1 (903) 765-6073 or email us at for more information about our Deposition Summary services.

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