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Technical Services

The below technical services are very helpful for navigating and ease of understanding the medical records.


By just hovering the mouse over the necessary terms, our Med-A-Word/Med-Interpret gives you basic meanings of complicated medical terminology, making it simple to understand complex medical jargon utilized in the medical literature. 


Our experts also provide medical interpretations for medical X-rays.

Medical Records Sorting & Indexing

We sort the disorganized medical records according to your preferred order. We specialize in categorizing medical records according to provider, service type, and chronological occurrences (date-wise). We can also custom sort the medical records based on your preferences.

Get a well-sorted set of medical records for medico-legal cases!


Bookmarks are clickable table of contents lists. With bookmarks, you may rapidly find any important points you need to build your case by fast navigating even through tiny medical documents with ease. 

Types of bookmarks: 1) Chronological Bookmark, 2) Record Type Bookmark, 3) Provider Wise Bookmark.

Based on your needs, we provide different types of bookmarks.


Hyperlinks allow for instant navigation from summaries and timelines to corresponding source page. This service is available only in PDF version.

Other Services

Life Care Planning

Life care planning is a process of estimating future care costs for patients with catastrophic disabilities. The life care plan report covers various aspects of the individual's life, including medical care, assistive devices, medications, home modifications, transportation, personal care, therapy services, vocational training, and more. It considers the individual's specific needs and provides a detailed account of the frequency, duration, and cost of each recommended service.


Our dedicated group of experts is committed to provide thorough and caring advice. With our expertise, we create custom life care plans that pave the way for a future of optimal care, support, and well-being.

Independent Medical Examination Report

An Independent Medical Examination (or) IME, is a medical examination performed by a healthcare practitioner that does not have a prior treating relationship or any other connection with the examinee. We at Medico Legal Request LLC provide IME report drafting services for doctors and healthcare firms to cut their workload.

Medical Synopsis

Medical Synopsis is a brief and instructive summary of the claimant's medical history. Attorneys can utilize the Medical Synopsis we give to determine what occurred to the patient and the merits of the case.

Custom Reports and Analysis

We also provide custom review reports for medical/product analysis and other documentation support services with your specific format.

Contact us today at +1 (903) 765-6073 or email us at for more information about our Review/Technical services.


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