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Doctor and Patient

Expert Medical Opinion 

Cost Effective and Customized Medical Record Review Services for Legal and Healthcare Industries

Expert Medical Opinion Services at $50/hr

We can help establish liability by offering an objective, expert medical opinion from our team of doctors and specialists. In order for the medical record evaluation to be impartial and objective, we make sure that none of our doctors have any kind of personal or professional connection to the defendants. The medical advice offered will be based on the accepted standard of care used in the American healthcare system at the time.

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*Request Free Quote:  Upload your clients' medical records and get a free cost estimate and delivery date. Don’t worry about the quote because we will start the production process once getting approval from your end. 

Our medical opinion reports are crucial in medical malpractice investigations. We review and analyze medical records, procedures, and treatment plans to provide insights into whether the standard of care was met and if negligence/malpractice occurred. We ensure that the medical opinion presented is free of complex medical jargon and easy to understand by non-medical persons.

​After reviewing the relevant medical records, our team of physicians can provide a reliable and precise expert medical opinion that will support your case. Attorneys handling medical claims frequently have questions about their clients' illnesses or other medical concerns. Our doctors are here to answer those questions which would help them to understand their clients’ medical condition and find deviations from the standard of care.

Why choose us for your firm's medical opinion services?

  • Detailed explanation of critical issues along with case strengths and weaknesses

  • A clear conclusion of the merit/demerit in the case

  • Highly experienced MDs

  • Just $50/hr for medical opinion services

  • 1 Week turnaround time

  • Free Cost Estimate

Contact us today at +1 (903) 765-6073 or email us at for more information about our Medical Opinion Services.


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