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Medical Chronology Services

Affordable, non-biased, fact-based, and easy-to-understand medical chronology services.

Medical Record Chronology at $25/hr

A medical record chronology is a detailed timeline or summary of a patient's medical history and treatment. It provides a chronological sequence of events related to the patient's health, including diagnoses, treatments, surgeries, hospitalizations, and other pertinent medical information. Our team is experienced in reviewing and analysing medical records and creating customized medical chronologies. Attorneys can use medical record chronology to understand what happened to the client and the extent of the injuries and medical treatment.

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*Request Free Quote:  Upload your clients' medical records and get a free cost estimate and delivery date. Don’t worry about the quote because we will start the production process once getting approval from your end. 

Medical chronologies can be beneficial in various scenarios, including medical malpractice claims, personal injury claims, mass tort, disability determinations, and insurance disputes. They help attorneys, paralegal healthcare providers, and insurance professionals understand the sequence of events, identify potential issues, and assess the impact of medical conditions and treatments on a patient's overall health.

When creating a medical chronology, it is important to maintain accuracy and objectivity. The information should be presented in a clear and concise manner, using standardized medical terminology. Additionally, any relevant dates, symptoms, diagnoses, treatments, and outcomes should be included to provide a comprehensive overview of the patient's medical journey.

Our experts' medical record chronologies and summaries provide a concise, factual, and informative summary of the patient's medical treatment. These chronologies reduce your workload and save hundreds to thousands of dollars. Also, it helps you to focus more on your core business and revenue-generating activities. A good medical case chronology report can support and bolster the case throughout the entire litigation process.

Why choose us for your firm's medical chronology services?

  • Customized medical chronology templates.

  • Prepared by experienced MDs and nurse consultants.

  • Fact-based and easy-to-understand.

  • Missing records are identified and communicated.

  • Just $25/hr for medical chronology services.

  • Medical chronologies are available in PDF & Word formats

  • 1 week turnaround time.

  • Free cost estimate.

  • Free bookmarks/hyperlinks.

Contact us today at +1 (903) 765-6073 or email us at for more information about our medical record chronology services.

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