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Litigation Support Services Company | Medical Records Review

Litigation Support Services - Medico Legal Request LLC

Litigation Support Services:

Attorneys working on medical cases require a variety of litigation support services where they are looking to understand the medical case history and seek expertise from medical professionals and doctors to summarize the history of the case.

We at Medico Legal Request LLC provide cost-effective medical records review services in a precise manner. As a cutting-edge legal support services company, we offer attorneys, law firm, and legal teams alternative and unique practices to increase productivity and decrease costs.

Medical Records Review Services:

We provide years of expertise and services to support the legal industry. We have highly trained medical experts who can summarize and evaluate medical records as well as provide cost-effective medical record reviews in a rapid turnaround time. Our services are customized with attention to detail keeping in mind the client’s satisfaction.

A dedicated, team of experienced medical professionals, nurse consultants, doctors, and medico-legal staff who perform Medical Records Review and Summarization. We are the experts in providing clients with superior legal support services in a wide array of practice areas.

Medical records chronology: As a medical chronology services company, we offer law firms and legal teams to customized medical chronologies at $25/hr in different formats. Also, we provide hotlinks, bookmarks, and missing medical records identification services as free of cost with medical record chronologies.

Demand Letter: We are offering settlement demand letters at $25/hr with a free billing summary and exhibits. Our team of experts drafting settlement demand letter in different formats based on the attorney and law firm request. Our settlement demand letter includes the demand letter, medical treatment and expenses sheet, medical notes with past medical history, missing medical records, accident-related images, and so on..

Deposition Summary Services: An objective, condensed clerical summary of the key points of a deposition transcript is known as a deposition summary ($25/hr). Important details from the deposition are listed in the summary by page and line. In "Page-Line" summaries, columns for page-line, exhibit, and testimony summary are usually included.

Medical Narrative Summary: Our expert medical summary highlights every major medical treatment including office visits, hospitalizations, physical therapies, consultations, diagnostics, chiropractic, procedures/surgeries, X-ray reports, and major lab reports in chronological order. The focus of our medical narrative summaries ($25/hr) targets all the injuries sustained due to the current accident and the pre-existing injuries or medical conditions that were exacerbated due to the current accident.

If you have a case to be reviewed and summarized, please feel free to reach us at


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