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Medical Chronology Services Company - Medical Records Review

Medical Chronology Services Company_Medico Legal Request LLC
Medical Chronology Services Company

Medical Chronology Services Company

Legal professionals need medical chronology services in order to have a clear and cohesive understanding of the patient's medical record. A perfectly presented medical chronology highlights important issues and several subtleties that would have been overlooked.

As a medical chronology services company, we provides a history of medical events in order of occurrence, involving reading through thousands of pages of medical records to detect, trace, evaluate and understand applicable medical records.

Experts Medical Chronologies for Attorneys

Our specialists' medical record chronologies are valuable throughout the litigation process. Before and during depositions, mediation, negotiations, and trials, they can be utilized as a reference tool. Our team provides unbiased information directly from medical records that has been quickly and inexpensively generated by qualified medical record reviewers.

All of our chronologies can be completely customized to your needs. To ensure that all information is included in your reports, our nurses will identify areas of emphasis or concern.

Why choose us to prepare your medical case chronology?

  • Clearly identify providers, facilities, timelines and other details crucial to the case

  • Gain access to appropriate records in a single click

  • Save time and money by simplifying medical records review process

  • Reduce costs

  • Free cost estimation

An accurate timeline of all the patient's medical interactions from the point of damage to the point of discharge is provided by a medical case chronology. Given the vast number of medical data that attorneys receive for a case, it is a stressful process to examine each medical document and determine its applicability. This is where Chronology helps.

Medico Legal Request LLC has a talented team of medical record reviewers who produce high-quality medical record chronologies. Our team will review medical records for individual cases such as MVA, personal injury, nursing home, workers comp, and medical malpractice as well as mass torts with multiple plaintiffs.

Our aim with all elements of our medical record reviews, including a medical record chronology, is to extract thorough health data from the medical record and turn it into reports that are simple to understand for persons with little or no medical training.

When are medical record summaries required?

  • Drafting settlement demands

  • Preparation and identification of exhibits

  • Case overview, ascertaining the extent of the injury and assessing the claim

  • In the case of independent medical examination

  • Response to interrogatories

  • Preparation of questions for deposition

The main advantage of the medical record summary is that it transforms a large amount of information into a more organized manner, making extracting information easier.

Our physicians recognize the pressure of litigation and has designed its medical chronology services to simplify the record review process for personal injury, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, and other cases where medical records are critical.


Personal Injury Medical Chronology

Medical summaries are crucial in personal injury claims in order to comprehend the accident, the mechanism of the harm, and the emergency care given. Medico Legal Request LLC condenses a significant amount of medical events into a clear timeline summary that details all the medical events, starting at the accident scene, pre-hospital care, the emergency department, and the numerous treatments provided during a hospital stay. A description of the timeline is given in chronological sequence, with particular information regarding the providers, the treatments received, and the nature of the injury.

Medical Malpractice Medical Chronology

Medical case chronologies and summaries are very important in a medical malpractice case. To assess the numerous medical records involved in the case and establish a timeline, medical malpractice trial lawyers frequently turn to medical review services.


Medical record chronologies are time-saving tools for all types of cases, including personal injury, medical malpractice claims and litigation, drug and medical device, product liability, workers compensation, and other medico legal insurance claims.

We’re offering medical record chronologies with free bookmarks and hyperlinking services to the source documents. Our rapid turnaround and custom medical chronology templates are more beneficial to you and your firm.

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