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Medical Record Summary Services

Cost Effective and Customized Medical Record Review Services for Legal and Healthcare Industries

Medical Record Summarization Services

Medical record summary provides a clear and concise overview of medical records, which allows Medico-Legal review companies to focus on critical areas and quicker resolution of cases. Depending on the requirements, the medical records are categorized as either a narrative summary or a chronological summary.

Medico Legal Request LLC has an extensive experience in providing medical record organization, medical record history and medical record summary services for clients in the medico-legal industry.


Medical record summaries are crucial to the settlement of personal injury cases, medical malpractice or medical injury, insurance claims, and more. They provide a synopsis of the accident, the mechanism of injury, and the emergency department and scene care that was given right away.

Types of Medical Record Summaries

Medical Chronology: A medical record chronology is a detailed timeline or summary of a patient's medical history and treatment. It provides a chronological sequence of events related to the patient's health, including diagnoses, treatments, surgeries, hospitalizations, and other pertinent medical information.

Medical Narrative Summary: Narrative Summary is an account of the flow of events in a patient's medical history. Medical narrative summary services assist healthcare professionals, insurance companies, and legal professionals in understanding complex medical information and making informed decisions.

Medical record summarization provides an easy and simplified review process for legal experts. medical summaries gives a quick overview of a patient's current health status and helps medical practitioners spend less time sorting through patients' medical records. This helps to clarify the doctor’s narratives and observations. Summarizing medical records also gives lawyers and law firms access to thorough case files, which they can use to plan ahead and bolster their legal claims.

The medical record summarization indicates and highlights medical information which helps insurance and legal experts in identifying the case's strengths and weaknesses.

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