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Medical Record Review & Summaries

Hiring! Medical Record Reviewer

Job description:

  • Reviewing medical records

  • Should have basic knowledge on drugs, medical devices, common medical treatment procedures at Primary care, Secondary care or Tertiary care level in healthcare systems

  • Ability to analyze a case of medical malpractice, personal injury and mass tort cases

  • Identify/classify various types of medical records and capture relevant data as per instruction, must be well versed with interpreting the medical information from the medical records.

  • Understanding the case focus and getting information into medical chronologies/summaries.

Candidate Profile:

  • Good knowledge of client-specific process rules and regulatory requirements

  • Candidate should have completed any of the following degrees: BDS or any doctor, B-Pharm, D-Pharm, BSc Nursing, Biotechnology, Microbiology, or any life science graduate.

  • Expertise in medical terminologies

  • Good written communication skills

  • Knowledge of personal injury, mass tort, and medical malpractice cases

  • Fresher/Experienced (Medical Chronology, Demand Letter Preparation, Narrative Summaries, Deposition Summary Drafting). 

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